Wednesday, November 3, 2010

A Tid Bit of Cooking

So I have been on a serious dry spell of cooking. I absolutely love cooking, but have just let myself get to busy to make time to enjoy it. So today i decided to cook a feast! I invited a couple of friends over and went to work to make these delicious grilled chicken skewers with a bbq honey glaze. I also sautéed zucchini & squash with spices, made homemade twice baked potatoes with chives, bacon bits, & cheese, and cooked some delicious rolls. It was wonderful to take the time to cook for friends and enjoy great conversation and a hearty meal. I have decided to make sure i cook at least one fabulous meal a week for someone else.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Cowboy Boots.

I love Cowboy boots. Seriously I believe they are the most comfy shoes ever, love the rustic look, they go with everything, add a little height, can withstand any activity, great decoration on my bed headboard, remind me of my ranch, and I feel prettiest in my cowboy boots and a flowy dress. My 2 pairs of boots now were oth bought used and now have a zillion holes in them and most of the coloring has been rubbed off. But nonetheless i am still obsessed. I currently am looking for a new pair of the perfect boot and just do not even know. I will probably never buy a pair that is not brown because i just love that look! But wearing my cowboy boots is a Tid Bit that just makes my day a little brighter!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Rustic Romantic.

So I am ready to move somewhere new and be able to full out decorate my house. I have always wanted a very Rustic Romantic look with a Tid Bit of French influence. These two rooms are my current inspiration.

Shabby Chic Charm
With a luxurious mix of lustrous vintage fabrics and antiques, this room has been transformed into a Victorian fairy tale.

Feminine with an Edge
An arch built into the original brick wall serves as a "canopy" of sorts for this iron bed. Pieces such as a small chandelier, dressing table, and chaise act as feminine counterpoints to the rustic brick wall.An arch built into the original brick wall serves as a "canopy" of sorts for this iron bed. Pieces such as a small chandelier, dressing table, and chaise act as feminine counterpoints to the rustic brick wall.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Tandem Bike.

So this is a little Tid Bit I want...I have been dying to get one of these cute old fashion Tandem Bikes to brace the streets of college station for centuries. I have wanted one for forever and am really tempted to get my boyfriend one for our 3 year anniversary except for the fact I think he would know it was a present more for me then him. If he were to pick on out, I am almost definite he would go for this speed racer tandem bike, which i am just not so sure i want to be sported on unless i had a Harley Davidson leather jacket and bad A helmet or if i was Lance Armstrong and could pull something so slick off.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010


So kenz and I were discussing the other day how we feel as though we are kind of "average" people. The feeling that I have never been all that great at any certain thing like sports or never found my nitch in art or drama. I'm kind of all over the place. I enjoy a variety of things from outdoor adventure sports to photography and art, but i'm not necessarily that great at any of it, i just enjoy al of it. I love going on amazing long runs (especially in the rain, and especially through the mountains in Colorado) and spending time alone in prayer of getting to release built up emotion, but i hated competitive running. I love photography and have taken a couple different classes on it, but just enjoy it for my own display as well as my random paintings i'll do. But the weird thing is that I would describe myself as a passionate person, but when i ponder what i am passionate about it all has to do with traveling, experiencing new adventures, and my love for people and to seeing the Power of God in the lives of people I surround myself with. But what about the everyday passions and that just make every day Tid Bits a little brighter.

1. Belgium Chocolates. When i was there last summer i seriously had at-least 20 a day all of which were never the same because i swear chocolate makes you happy and the Belgium people know how to do this even best, even better than Heresy. Chocolate stores are my favorite places in the world! If i were to ever open my own store, I do believe this would have to be it. Even the picture below just makes me so excited with all the chocolate options.

2. Amazing Food. And trying new foods that i never have before (especially desserts). Amazing food is just a passion of mind. I love cooking good food, but more than anything i love eating exquisite food. This is something I love so much i hope some day i will have a whole blog devoted to it. In fact, i want to make a blog divided into 2 sections: cooking theses amazing foods and exploring every restaurant i go to and documenting my experience. I LOVE food.

3. State fair of Texas. And pretty much all theme parks because i love a little thrill & adrenaline! I have been riding the biggest roller coaster since i could walk. I would wear huge platform shoes so i could be tall enough to ride all the rides i want. I am an absolute adrenaline junkie: skydiving, cannoning, you name it and i probably have done it or am dying to.

4. A frozen DP. But it has to frozen to perfection. I mean this is an art.I have had my full share of explosions over the years, but when the freezer gets a DP to the point of soft flakes, I am the happiest girl in the world! Add a little piece of chocolate to the mix wala...i experience a little piece of heaven.

5. Park Days. Had one of these the other day, but nothing seems to make a day better than being able to relax in park on a beautiful day with a good book or a bosom buddy. This is one of my favorite things about Europe because literally the parks are full of lovers and friends relaxing and enjoying the day just like in this picture.

Well here are the 5 things of the day that truly bring me a little Tid Bit of Joy!
(More to come...)

Monday, October 4, 2010


How is one word so scary for a 21 year old girl? We dream and talk our whole lives of this word. But what does it truly mean? Growing up it meant that The Lord knows the plans he has for me and has predestined me to have a future that glorifies Him and Him alone. It also meant someday id have a job and someday live in a cute little house with a picture perfect husband and a bunch of cute little chubby babies (sorry MK won’t have the supper athletic in shape family you will be able to accomplish). But I feel as though the future is finally starting to set in. I have always been a somewhat of a futuristic thinker. Not to the point where I stop enjoying the present, but I love to dream and make plans for the time to come. Am I still able to trust in the fact that the Lord is going to ….? But how am I also to be proactive? I am starting to question how you are to know what the will of God is for you life? This has always been such a hard topic for me to grasp. Some will say the Lord opens doors and closes doors, but sometimes when doors close you are supposed to keep knocking on them with persistence right? I know that this is one of the many reasons that God has entrusted us with his Holy Spirit, but sometimes I just am baffled at what is his will. As is sit her questioning my future (as in 225 days from now), I wonder the things like how do I know if I am supposed to go into the “business world” or what about the desire I have had since age 7 to do missions? How do you know when you are ready to get married or what is the feeling you get when you realize this is the man God has called me to spend the rest of my life with and join in his adventure? Can that moment be captured? This future is not like college, because with college there was 1 decision-What college to pick. But life after college is what city? What industry? What job position? What man? Its scary, exciting, adventurous, hopeful, and so many emotions all in one.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Fall Wish List

1. Beige or Brown Leather Jacket--I have wanted a leather jacket for like 2 years now and so I have decided that this is my year! This one is from Neimans, but they are just so expensive.

2. Business Suits--I need a professional Business suit for interviews and I am not too sure how i should go about approaching shopping for this. Anybody have any experience or ideas? Or know where a good place to get a suit skirt, pants, and blazer? I'm thinking a solid black one...

3. A pair of Booties--these are from Banana republic, but I just want a cute pair that I can wear with anything!

4. The Gap
Legging Jean--I have never bought a pair of skinny jeans because I never thought they were flattering on me, but I think this fall is going to be my time to jump off this cliff and buy me a pair and I think that the Gap Legging Jean is going to be the one to do it.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Big Year. Big Events.

Well so far this semester has been full of big events....
My best friend got married (watch the video-an absolutely wonderful wedding!)...I have my first interview as i ponder what the heck i am meant to do in this life and last but certainly not least i got my aggie ring and learned that chugging beer is the worst invention and am so complexed at why people do that for fun...but overall a good beginning to the last stage of an incredible journey. There our a couple reason why i have finally decided to start writing on my very empty blog...1. I have a couple key things & hobbies i want to either begin or pick back up and for some odd reason think that writing about it will hold me accountable even though i don't expect anyone to read about my pretty average life. But hopefully you will begin to see what those activities are as i continue writing. 2. I am a nocturnal person and am never able to fall asleep and always looking for odd ways to fill my lonely hours that i seem to be the only one awake. 3. i'd like to believe i live an adventurous life but feel the need to write about it in order to test its validity and if it does not seem up to par i am declaring now that i need more spice and sugar in my life because i want to live one adventure to the next. Well those are my 3 reasons of the day to finally put meaningless words on a blank screen, but i am sure as i carry on i will discover many more reasons why i think the blogging world might be beneficial to my discovery of the little things in life that somehow brighten my days. so here goes nothing!