Monday, October 4, 2010


How is one word so scary for a 21 year old girl? We dream and talk our whole lives of this word. But what does it truly mean? Growing up it meant that The Lord knows the plans he has for me and has predestined me to have a future that glorifies Him and Him alone. It also meant someday id have a job and someday live in a cute little house with a picture perfect husband and a bunch of cute little chubby babies (sorry MK won’t have the supper athletic in shape family you will be able to accomplish). But I feel as though the future is finally starting to set in. I have always been a somewhat of a futuristic thinker. Not to the point where I stop enjoying the present, but I love to dream and make plans for the time to come. Am I still able to trust in the fact that the Lord is going to ….? But how am I also to be proactive? I am starting to question how you are to know what the will of God is for you life? This has always been such a hard topic for me to grasp. Some will say the Lord opens doors and closes doors, but sometimes when doors close you are supposed to keep knocking on them with persistence right? I know that this is one of the many reasons that God has entrusted us with his Holy Spirit, but sometimes I just am baffled at what is his will. As is sit her questioning my future (as in 225 days from now), I wonder the things like how do I know if I am supposed to go into the “business world” or what about the desire I have had since age 7 to do missions? How do you know when you are ready to get married or what is the feeling you get when you realize this is the man God has called me to spend the rest of my life with and join in his adventure? Can that moment be captured? This future is not like college, because with college there was 1 decision-What college to pick. But life after college is what city? What industry? What job position? What man? Its scary, exciting, adventurous, hopeful, and so many emotions all in one.

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