Tuesday, October 5, 2010


So kenz and I were discussing the other day how we feel as though we are kind of "average" people. The feeling that I have never been all that great at any certain thing like sports or never found my nitch in art or drama. I'm kind of all over the place. I enjoy a variety of things from outdoor adventure sports to photography and art, but i'm not necessarily that great at any of it, i just enjoy al of it. I love going on amazing long runs (especially in the rain, and especially through the mountains in Colorado) and spending time alone in prayer of getting to release built up emotion, but i hated competitive running. I love photography and have taken a couple different classes on it, but just enjoy it for my own display as well as my random paintings i'll do. But the weird thing is that I would describe myself as a passionate person, but when i ponder what i am passionate about it all has to do with traveling, experiencing new adventures, and my love for people and to seeing the Power of God in the lives of people I surround myself with. But what about the everyday passions and that just make every day Tid Bits a little brighter.

1. Belgium Chocolates. When i was there last summer i seriously had at-least 20 a day all of which were never the same because i swear chocolate makes you happy and the Belgium people know how to do this even best, even better than Heresy. Chocolate stores are my favorite places in the world! If i were to ever open my own store, I do believe this would have to be it. Even the picture below just makes me so excited with all the chocolate options.

2. Amazing Food. And trying new foods that i never have before (especially desserts). Amazing food is just a passion of mind. I love cooking good food, but more than anything i love eating exquisite food. This is something I love so much i hope some day i will have a whole blog devoted to it. In fact, i want to make a blog divided into 2 sections: cooking theses amazing foods and exploring every restaurant i go to and documenting my experience. I LOVE food.

3. State fair of Texas. And pretty much all theme parks because i love a little thrill & adrenaline! I have been riding the biggest roller coaster since i could walk. I would wear huge platform shoes so i could be tall enough to ride all the rides i want. I am an absolute adrenaline junkie: skydiving, cannoning, you name it and i probably have done it or am dying to.

4. A frozen DP. But it has to frozen to perfection. I mean this is an art.I have had my full share of explosions over the years, but when the freezer gets a DP to the point of soft flakes, I am the happiest girl in the world! Add a little piece of chocolate to the mix wala...i experience a little piece of heaven.

5. Park Days. Had one of these the other day, but nothing seems to make a day better than being able to relax in park on a beautiful day with a good book or a bosom buddy. This is one of my favorite things about Europe because literally the parks are full of lovers and friends relaxing and enjoying the day just like in this picture.

Well here are the 5 things of the day that truly bring me a little Tid Bit of Joy!
(More to come...)

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