Sunday, September 19, 2010

Big Year. Big Events.

Well so far this semester has been full of big events....
My best friend got married (watch the video-an absolutely wonderful wedding!)...I have my first interview as i ponder what the heck i am meant to do in this life and last but certainly not least i got my aggie ring and learned that chugging beer is the worst invention and am so complexed at why people do that for fun...but overall a good beginning to the last stage of an incredible journey. There our a couple reason why i have finally decided to start writing on my very empty blog...1. I have a couple key things & hobbies i want to either begin or pick back up and for some odd reason think that writing about it will hold me accountable even though i don't expect anyone to read about my pretty average life. But hopefully you will begin to see what those activities are as i continue writing. 2. I am a nocturnal person and am never able to fall asleep and always looking for odd ways to fill my lonely hours that i seem to be the only one awake. 3. i'd like to believe i live an adventurous life but feel the need to write about it in order to test its validity and if it does not seem up to par i am declaring now that i need more spice and sugar in my life because i want to live one adventure to the next. Well those are my 3 reasons of the day to finally put meaningless words on a blank screen, but i am sure as i carry on i will discover many more reasons why i think the blogging world might be beneficial to my discovery of the little things in life that somehow brighten my days. so here goes nothing!

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